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Charles Xavier

Unter dem Namen Professor X sind bekannt: der Rapper Lumumba Carson; die Comicfigur und Filmrolle Professor X, Gründer der X-Men. Dies ist eine. Here you will find a slowly growing list of fanfiction recs of Charles/Erik from X-​Men. Most of them will probably be of the XMFC variety but there may be others. - Erkunde Dont look at me Darlings Pinnwand „Charles Xavier“ auf Pinterest. Weitere Ideen zu James mcavoy, Schauspieler, Filme.

Charles Xavier Charles Francis Xavier

Professor Charles Francis Xavier ist eine fiktive Figur, die in amerikanischen Comics erscheint, die von Marvel Comics veröffentlicht werden. Der Charakter wird als Gründer und manchmal Anführer der X-Men dargestellt. Xavier ist selbst ein Mutant, der zwar an den Rollstuhl gefesselt ist, aber über außerordentliche telepathische Kräfte verfügt. Professor X gilt als der mächtigste​. Charles Francis Xavier ist ein sehr mächtiger Mutant, ungefähr auf gleicher Ebene wie Magneto. Er. Unter dem Namen Professor X sind bekannt: der Rapper Lumumba Carson; die Comicfigur und Filmrolle Professor X, Gründer der X-Men. Dies ist eine. „X-Men: Der letzte Widerstand“ läuft heute Abend auf ProSieben. Am Ende des Films findet sich eine verwirrende (und. - Erkunde maria.s Pinnwand „Cherik“ auf Pinterest. Weitere Ideen zu Charles xavier, X men, Michael fassbender shame. Here you will find a slowly growing list of fanfiction recs of Charles/Erik from X-​Men. Most of them will probably be of the XMFC variety but there may be others.

Charles Xavier

Here you will find a slowly growing list of fanfiction recs of Charles/Erik from X-​Men. Most of them will probably be of the XMFC variety but there may be others. Unter dem Namen Professor X sind bekannt: der Rapper Lumumba Carson; die Comicfigur und Filmrolle Professor X, Gründer der X-Men. Dies ist eine. Übersetzung im Kontext von „Charles Xavier“ in Deutsch-Englisch von Reverso Context: Charles Xavier wurde in eine gespaltene Welt geboren.

Xavier then tells him that he can help him figure out who he is. Telepathically, Xavier says to him that it's been 15 years since Logan lost his memory, showing that his telepathy can help Logan remember his past.

Intrigued, Logan asks about what the place was. Xavier tells Logan more about the school, convincing him that it is the best place for Rogue to be in.

He then tells him that the school is only a cover — and that the lowers levels are completely different. Xavier shows Logan the hangar containing the X-Men's supersonic jet, the Blackbird.

He explains that when he was a boy he discovered he could control people's minds, and when he was seventeen, he met a young man named Erik Lensherr, who had the ability to control magnetism.

Believing that humanity would never accept them, Erik grew angry at humanity and became Magneto. Xavier offers Logan a deal — 48 hours to discover why Magneto is after him, in exchange to help uncovering his forgotten past.

Later, Jean explains to Professor X, Cyclops and Storm her findings about Wolverine — a supposedly indestructible metal called adamantium is fused to his entire skeleton.

Ororo asks how could he have survived a procedure like that, and Jean explains that his mutation is a healing factor, which also makes his age impossible to determine — he could very well be older than the professor.

Xavier asks who did this to him, and she says that he doesn't know, nor does he remember anything that happened before it.

Xavier muses that it must have been experimentation on mutants. Cyclops asks him what he thinks Magneto wants with him, and Xavier says that he's not entirely sure that it's him Magneto wants.

Later that night, Logan had accidentally stabbed Rogue, causing her to absorb the former's powers, putting Logan into an unconscious state.

Logan wakes up with Xavier sitting next to him. He asks the professor if Rogue is fine, and he answers that she will be alright.

Wolverine asks what happened and Xavier answers that whenever Rogue touches someone she absorbs their energies.

In the case of mutants, she absorbs their gifts. In the case of Logan, she absorbed his ability to heal. Logan says that he feels like she almost killed him, and Xavier says that if she held on any longer, she could have.

In the underground part of the mansion, Xavier and Cyclops are trying to figure out what Magneto wants with Wolverine. Xavier picks up that Scott does not like Logan.

Just then, Logan and Ororo walk in, and Logan asks where Rogue is. Xavier, after a short mind scan, says that she is gone.

Cerebro is a big round room, with a bridge leading to the machine. Xavier explains that Cerebro amplifies his powers, allowing him to track mutants through large distances.

That is how he intends to find Rogue. Logan asks why he just does not use it to find Magneto, and Xavier tells him that Magneto somehow found a way to shield himself from the machine.

Logan asks how would he know how to do that, and Xavier says that he helped him build it. Then, he puts the Cerebro helmet on his head and, after the others exit, starts the search.

Outside, Logan asks Jean if she ever used Cerebro, and she answers she has not, because it takes a certain degree of control and for someone like her it is dangerous.

Inside, Xavier manages to locate Rogue at the train station after a short search. Logan starts leaving to find her but Xavier stops him, saying that if he will leave the mansion Magneto will capture him.

Instead, he sends Cyclops and Storm to find her. Outside the train station, where Magento, Sabretooth, and Toad have managed to capture Rogue, a police officer orders Magneto to stay where he is and put his hands above his head, an order that Magneto follows: his raises his hands and two police cars in the process, and then drops the cars on two other cars.

All officers immediately aim their guns at him, but he easily pulls the guns out of their hands and directs them at them. Magneto figures out what is happening, and yells, "Why don't you come out where I can see you, Charles?

Xavier says that it will not be that way, and Magneto tells him to kill him and find out. When Xavier does not respond, Magneto tells him that in that case, he should release him.

When again he gets no response, he aims a gun at an officer with his powers, and fires. Everybody gasp, but when they open their eyes to see what happened, they find the bullet stuck in mid-air, barely an inch away from the officer.

Magneto then aims all the guns at all the officers, and tells Xavier that he will not be able to stop them all. Xavier looks at Jean, sighs, and releases his mental hold on Sabretooth and Toad.

Magneto then tells his old friend that his weakness is that he is still not willing to make sacrifices, and just then, Mystique arrives in a helicopter.

Magneto, Toad and Sabretooth holding Rogue step inside, and they take off. All guns and the bullet drop to the ground.

Back at the mansion, Logan is washing his face and is angry at the professor for saying Magneto wanted him, and Xavier apologizes, saying he made a terrible mistake, as Magneto's helmet is somehow designed to stop his telepathy.

Logan leaves angrily to find her alone, but Storm tries to convince him to help them and fight with them. Logan opens the door to leave, and finds Senator Kelly standing in the other side, looking for Dr.

Jean Grey. Underground, Kelly is lying on a table. Logan and Jean are standing there too. Xavier approaches him and introduces himself.

Kelly says that he was afraid to go to a regular hospital, and Xavier completes his sentence, saying that he was afraid they would treat him like a mutant.

He tells him that they are not all what he thinks, and Kelly tells him to tell that to the ones who did this to him.

Xavier asks Kelly to relax and starts reading his mind. He enters his memory of Magneto turning him to a mutant, and Mystique helping him out of the machine.

Magneto looks tired and weak from the process. Back in reality, a short while later, Xavier, Scott, Jean and Logan are in a room upstairs.

Xavier explains that Magneto uses a machine that produces radiation that triggers mutation in ordinary human beings. Jean continues, saying that the mutation is unnatural and Kelly's body is rejecting it — his cells are breaking down.

Scott asks what the radiation will do to mutants, and Xavier answers that nothing, but it could seriously harm humans. Logan asks what Magneto wants with Rogue, and Xavier answers that he does not know.

Annoyed, Logan turns to leave again, but then Scott finds the answer — the machine drew its power from Magneto, and it nearly killed him. He deduces that Magneto wants Rogue to absorb his power so she can do it in his place, allowing him live.

Storm enters Xavier's study just in time to break an argument between Scott and Logan and informs them that Senator Kelly is dead.

Xavier tells them that he will go find Rogue, and orders the men to settle it. In Cerebro, Xavier puts on the helmet. Suddenly, the green liquid Mystique planted knocks him unconscious, and he faints and falls off his wheelchair.

Later, he is lying on the lab's table, the X-Men and Wolverine looking at him. Jean checks what is wrong with Cerebro, and removes the green liquid.

In the lab, Scott tells the unconscious professor how much he appreciates all that Xavier's done for him, and that if anything happens, he will take care of the school.

After the X-Men rescue Rogue and Xavier recovers, the professor tells Logan that there's an abandoned military compound in the Canadian Rockies close to where they found him, and that he might find some answers there.

He then asks Logan if he's going to say goodbye to the kids. In a plastic jail cell, Magneto and Xavier are playing chess.

Magneto asks his old friend if it doesn't worry him that someday they'll pass that foolish law, and Xavier answers that it does indeed. Magneto asks him what he will do when he'll wake up to that, and Xavier answers that he pities the poor soul who'll come to his school looking for trouble.

A guard comes to take Xavier, and Magneto asks him why he continues to come. Xavier responds by asking "Why do you ask questions to which you already know the answers?

The war is still coming, he says, and he intends to fight it. Xavier replies, saying that he will always be there to stop him. In a museum in New York, the students of Xavier's school are on a field trip.

After Pyro , Rogue, and Iceman have an altercation with two young men, suddenly all the people in the room stop moving, frozen in mid-action.

Rogue asks Bobby what happened, and he says he didn't do this? In answer, Charles Xavier, wheels in. He tells John that the next time he feels like showing off — not to do it.

A news report on television tells about the mutant attack on the Whitehouse, and Cyclops says that he thinks it's time to leave.

The Professor agrees and everybody start moving once more, with the students and the X-Men gone. Cyclops thinks Magneto is behind it, but Jean and the Professor disagree, thinking he won't be able to organize something like this from prison, not to mention it will only hurt his goals.

Storm says the government will probably react by reintroducing the Mutant Registration Act, but Xavier fears it could be much worse — they could declare a state of emergency, placing every mutant in the country under arrest.

Jean raises the question of the attacker, and the Professor says they have to get to him before the authorities. He's been trying to track him using Cerebro, but his movements are too sporadic.

He tells them that when he has the exact location of this mutant, he wants Jean and Ororo to pick him up.

In Cerebro, the Professor is getting ready to find the mutant attacker. Wolverine enters and the Professor welcomes him back, but not before telling him to put out his cigar.

Logan, looking for a place to put it out, finally decides to put it out on his palm, luckily the wound quickly heals.

He asks Xavier if he wants him to leave. Xavier tells him to stand still. Everything gets dark, and then millions of dotted lights appear.

Xavier explains that these lights represent every living person on the world — the white lights are human, the red are the mutants — through Cerebro he's connected to them and them to him.

Logan changes the subject and says that he found the base in Alkali Lake, but there was nothing there. Xavier, seemingly ignoring Logan, says that the broken line represents the mutant who attacked the President — he's been having a hard time getting a lock on him.

Logan asks if he can just concentrate harder, and Xavier answers that he could, but it would kill the mutant they are trying to find.

Just then, the mutant stops running, and his voice is heard, praying in German. Xavier leaves Cerebro, and Logan asks him to read his mind again.

Xavier says that the results will be the same as before — the mind is not a box that can simply be unlocked and opened.

He has no doubt that Logan's amnesia, his adamantium skeleton and the claws are all connected, but sometimes the mind needs to discover things for itself.

Before wheeling out, he asks Logan to watch over the kids that night, as he and Scott are going to visit an old friend.

In prison, Xavier and Cyclops arrive to visit Magneto. Scott has to wait outside as a guard wheels Xavier in on his plastic wheelchair. Magneto welcomes Xavier and asks if he came to rescue him, and Xavier answer "sorry, Erik, not today.

Magneto answers, knowing nothing. Xavier asks about something not being right, and asks Erik what happened to him. Magneto answers that he had frequent visitations from William Stryker.

Xavier knows Stryker, because his son, Jason was once a student of his years ago. Unfortunately, he wasn't able to help him — at least not in the way his father wanted.

Magneto changes the subject to Wolverine. It seems that both Xavier and Magneto know something about Logan's past and it has to do with Stryker, but Xavier wants him to figure it out on his own.

Xavier again senses that something is very wrong and asks Magneto what he has done. Magneto apologizes and says he couldn't help it.

Xavier asks him what he told Stryker, and Magneto answers, everything. Through the plastic holes, some sort of gas can be heard slipping in, and Magneto says that the war has begun.

Xavier is horrified to figure out what's happening and grabs the plastic doors and screams to Scott, while Magneto tells Xavier that he should have killed him when he had a chance.

Both Xavier and Magneto fall asleep from the gas. In Alkali Lake, Canada, Xavier is tied to a chair with a weird looking helmet on his head. He wakes up to find William Stryker sitting in front of him and Yuriko Oyama standing by the wall.

The helmet keeps him from entering Stryker's mind. He asks him where is Scott? Stryker tells him not to worry — he's just giving him some re-education.

Xavier realizes that this has to do with Stryker's son, and tells Stryker that he wanted him to cure his son, but mutation is not a disease.

Stryker angrily accuses Charles of lying and tells him that back when Jason returned from Xavier's school he resented his parents, blaming them for his condition, so he toyed with their minds, projecting visions and scenarios into their brains.

Stryker, eventually, killed herself in an attempt to get the images out. Xavier sees Lady Deathstryke and tells Stryker that for someone who hates mutants, he hangs out with them a lot.

Stryker shows him that Yuriko has a controlling device on her back to keep her under control. Xavier suddenly realizes that Stryker arranged the attack on the President, and Stryker congratulates him on figuring it out without reading his mind.

Yuriko leaves the room, and Stryker tells Xavier that it's frustrating that nobody really knows how many mutants exist or how to find them — except him.

Unfortunately, he says, Xavier is too powerful to be mind controlled, so he'll go straight to the source. He then introduces Xavier to "mutant " — a young sick-looking mute man on a wheel chair, with pipes connected to his brain as a mind controlling agent.

Xavier, to his horror, immediately recognizes him as Jason Stryker, and asks William in shock how he could have done this to his son.

Stryker answers "No, Charles, my son is dead, just like the rest of you", and leaves. Xavier is standing on his legs in his study at the institute.

He soon realizes it's just an illusion, and yells "Jason, stop it! Now Xavier is again sitting in his wheelchair, again at his study, and hears a little girl crying.

He tells her she can come out and asks her where all the other students are. She says she doesn't know, and he says they'll have to find them using Cerebro.

They leave the study. In Xavier's illusions, he is in the mansion's underground tunnels with the little girl, wheeling to Cerebro.

After the eye-scan, the door opens, and the girl asks him to not leave her alone. He says she can come inside, and they enter. In the real world, the girl is Jason and a soldier is watching them.

All soldiers are set to defend Cerebro. Stryker enters the code and steps inside, seeing his son and Xavier. He leans and whispers to Jason's ears that it's time to find their friends — all of them — all the mutants, everywhere.

In the illusion, the girl asks Xavier if it's time to find their friends — all of them — all the mutants, everywhere.

Xavier agrees. Stryker tells his son to make him proud and leaves Cerebro. In the illusion, Xavier puts on the cerebral helmet and tells the girl not to move.

Outside, Stryker orders the soldier to kill anyone who approaches, even if it's him. Xavier starts looking at the red lights that represent mutants.

In Xavier's illusion, the girl asks him if he found all the mutants yet and he answers he's trying — there are so many of them.

She tells him to concentrate. Xavier is getting close to hurting the mutants. In the real world outside of Cerebro, the soldiers hear someone coming and aim their guns at him.

Magneto and Mystique eventually walk to Cerebro undisturbed. Magneto puts on his helmet so Jason's illusions won't affect him. Inside, Xavier is concentrating on all the mutants.

Magneto finally succeeds to open the doors, and Cerebro stops working. Xavier doesn't understand what's wrong, and the girl seems scared.

Magneto mocks Xavier's way, telling him that they're not playing by his rules so maybe it's time to play by theirs. He flies in the air and starts moving around the metal plates covering Cerebro's walls, opening the covers and covering the openings.

Mystique watches him in awe. Magneto lands and nods to her, as she shifts into Stryker, steps inside and, in Stryker's voice, tells Jason that there's been a change of plans and whispers something in his ears.

Magneto smiles, then says goodbye to his old friend Charles, and the too villains leave, closing the doors behind them.

In the illusion, the girl tells Xavier that there's been a change of plans — they're targeting the humans now — all of them. This time, the white lights show up.

Cerebro's effect gets to Stryker and he grabs his head in pain, just like every other "white light" in Cerebro, including President McKenna.

Outside Cerebro II, Nightcrawler hugs Storm and starts praying, and then they disappear in a purple cloud of smoke, and reappear inside Cerebro.

They don't see Xavier, just the little girl standing where the machine is supposed to be placed. Storm isn't falling to the illusion, and calls out to the professor, asking if he can hear her and telling him that he's got to stop Cerebro, now.

The girl asks who they're talking to, and Nightcrawler start walking to her. Storm stops him and tells him not to move.

He says she's just a little girl, but Storm says she's not. Storm tells Nightcrawler that it's about to get very cold in there, and he says he's not going anywhere.

Her eyes begin to glow and her hair begins to scatter as the girl asks what she's doing. Storm's eyes glow white as strong wind brews in Cerebro and the temperature drops.

Nightcrawler falls to his knees from the intense cold. In Xavier's illusion, the girl keeps telling him to find all the humans.

In reality, Jason is freezing. In Storm's illusion, the girl yells at her to stop it and screams. The cold is too much for Jason to bear, and Xavier snaps out of his illusion and takes off the cerebral helmet.

He looks back, to see Jason, Ororo and Kurt. In Cerebro, the ceiling collapses. Kurt teleports Ororo and Xavier out in time, but Jason is beyond help.

All the mutants run through the halls to the spillway, believing it to be their only escape. They get to the doors, but Logan pops out of a tunnel and pops his claws in a fuse box, closing the door before they'll get caught in the flood.

In tells them that they don't want to go that way, and then water burst through the cracks to confirm. Logan leads his friends through the other way out.

Outside, the water stops leaking through the dam, as they're redirected. The mutants rush out to the snow. Artie falls, and Logan carries him in his hands.

To their shock and horror, the helicopter is already gone, taken by Magneto. Suddenly, the jet shows up spinning uncontrollably in the air.

Rogue is piloting, and makes an emergency landing, crashing in the snow. Kurt teleports Xavier inside. In the jet, Xavier tells Scott that they've got to get to Washington — he fears this has gone beyond their league.

Scott and Ororo panic to realize that something's wrong and they can't take off. Rogue asks if anyone has seen John, and Jean answers after a short telepathic scan that he's with Magneto, to everyone's disappointment.

The jet loses the power, and just then the water burst out through the dam again, not handling the pressure. Jean, in the back, realizes she has to do something, as she's their last hope.

She looks at all her friends, and leaves the jet without them noticing. After a few seconds, though, Xavier notices and calls her name, alarming Logan and Scott.

Xavier says she's outside, and Scott rushes to the exit. Jean telekinetically closes the door, keeping him inside, and activates the jet. Scott yells at Ororo not to take off, but Jean does it for her.

Stryker falls with the dam and the water burst out in a humongous wave. Jean uses one hand to keep the water from drowning the jet and the other the free the jet's leg from the snow.

Scott watches in misery and Logan orders Kurt to get her, but Kurt says she's not letting him. As her last words of goodbye, Jean uses her telepathy to speak through Xavier's mouth, saying she knows what she's doing — this is the only way.

Scott begs her not to do this, and she says goodbye. Her body and eyes glow orange as she manages to release the jet's leg and lift it in the air.

She releases her telekinetic grip, letting the water to drown her freely, and everybody grieve about her. Scott falls crying on Logan to the size of the tragedy.

Everybody's overwhelmed, their throats choking with sorrow. The jet's flying above what is now a large sea.

Kurt prays. In Washington, President McKenna is walking to a live television broadcast from his office. He starts his speech: "My fellow Americans, in this time of adversity, we are being offered a moment — a moment to recognize a growing threat within out own population — and take a unique role in the shape of human events.

The sky turn dark and lightning strike, as the president sees the mutants standing in front of him, Storm's eyes glowing white.

The lightning is the only thing to light their faces. He's scared to see his attacker, Nightcrawler, among them.

Professor X greets the president good morning and calms him down, saying they won't harm anyone. The president asks who they are and Xavier answers that they're mutants, and his name is Charles Xavier.

Rogue puts some documents down on the president's desk, and Xavier explains that they were taken from the private office of William Stryker. The president asks how they got it, and the professor answers that he knows a little girl who can walk through walls.

The president says that he's never seen this information, and Xavier says he knows that. The president says he doesn't respond well to threats, and Xavier says that this is not a threat — this is an opportunity.

There are forces in this world, he says, both human and mutant alike, who believe that a war is coming. As he can see from the files, some had already tried to start one, and there have been casualties — losses, on both sides.

He ends by telling the president that what he's about to tell the world is true: this is a moment — a moment to repeat the mistakes of the past, or to work together for a better future.

They're there to stay — the next move is his. Xavier says that they'll be watching, as lightning brightens all their faces, and suddenly they disappear and all the lights turn on again.

The president is silent, not sure what to tell the cameras. In Xavier's study, Scott is looking out the window. Xavier says that even when Jean was a student, she was always hesitant about her powers, always looking to others, fearing that in some way, she was left behind.

Scott asks in a choked throat if they could have done more to save her, and Xavier says that in the past, she may have let them.

Logan can't understand why she left the plane, and Xavier says that she made a choice. Scott walks away, not finding that much comfort in it. Xavier stays silent and a student asks him if everything's alright.

He answers that yes — it will be. This is due to the fact that Scott is still in despair over the loss of Jean Grey.

Professor Xavier is then seen teaching his ethics class about use and misuse of power — he states that one can use power for the greater good, or for personal gain and destructive ends.

This is a dilemma they all must ask themselves. Because they're mutants. For psychics, he says, this presents a particular problem: when is it acceptable to use their powers, and when do they cross that invisible line that turns them into tyrants over their fellow men?

Shadowcat remarks that Einstein said that ethics are an exclusive human concern without any superhuman authority behind it, and Xavier replies that Einstein wasn't a mutant — as far as they know.

The kids all giggle and Xavier proceeds to show them a tape sent to him by Dr. Moira MacTaggert. In the tape, Dr. MacTaggart stands by a man in a hospital bed.

She says that the man was born with no higher-level brain functions: his organs and nerves system work, but he has no consciousness to speak of.

Xavier turns the video off and asks his students an ethical question: what if they were to transfer the consciousness of one person, say, a father of four with terminal cancer, into the body of this man?

How are they to decide what falls between the range of ethical behavior and what…? Suddenly, he stops mid-sentence. Outside the window, gigantic rain clouds are forming.

A moment passes in silence, and then Xavier dismisses the class, saying they'll continue this tomorrow.

Out on the balcony, Storm stands in the wind, staring at the rain clouds. Xavier shows up behind her and reminds her that the forecast was for sunny skies.

Storm apologizes, and her eyes begin to glow. Within a few seconds, the clouds scatter and the sun comes out.

The professor wheels closer to her and says he doesn't have to be psychic to know that something's bothering her. They walk inside, and Ororo tells the professor that she doesn't understand: Magneto is a fugitive, they have a mutant in the cabinet, a president who understands them — why are they still hiding?

Xavier answers that they're not hiding, but they still have enemies out there, and he must protect his students.

Storm agrees, but she also thinks they can't be students forever. Xavier laughs and says he hasn't thought of her as his student in years.

In fact, he thought she might take his place someday. Hearing that, Ororo stops walking. She thought Scott will be the one to take Charles's place.

Xavier explains that Scott is a changed man — he took Jean's death so hard… He tells Storm that things are indeed better out there — but she of all people should know how fast the weather can change.

She realizes there's something he's not telling them, but he just sighs and wheels on. They walk into another room to find Hank McCoy examining a painting on the wall.

Ororo is thrilled to see her old friend and they hug and compliment each other on what they did with their hairs.

Hank thanks Xavier for seeing him on such short notice, and the professor tells him he's always welcomed there — he's a part of this place. McCoy says he has news, and Xavier asks if it's Erik.

Beast says no, although they have been making some progress on that front — Mystique was recently apprehended. Just then, Logan walks in and asks, "who's the fur ball?

Xavier introduces Logan to Hank, but Beast has already heard of Wolverine. Storm interrupts and says Magneto will definitely come to get Mystique, but Beast says Magneto's not the problem — at least not the most pressing one.

He tells the X-Men that a major pharmaceutical company has developed a mutant antibody — a way to suppress the mutant X-gene, permanently.

They're calling it a "cure. Xavier stops her, sensing that they're announcing it now. He says that these so-called mutants are people, just like the rest of them.

Their mutation, he says, is nothing more than a disease, a corruption of healthy cellular activity. He stands there to tell the world that there's hope — Alcatraz, which used to be the world's greatest prison, will now be the source of freedom for all mutants who choose it.

Later, the professor senses Cyclops' distress. Telepathically, Scott's name is heard all over the school. Clearly, something is horribly wrong.

Wolverine and Storm run through the halls hysterically to Xavier's office, not knowing what the hell happened. They burst open his door and ask if he's okay, and he tells them to get to Alkali Lake.

Later in the school's infirmary, Logan and Professor X are at Jean's side. Xavier tells Logan that the sheer mass of the water that collapsed on top of Jean should have obliterated her completely.

The only explanation of her survival is that her powers wrapped her up in a cocoon of telekinetic energy. Logan asks if she'll be okay, and Xavier says that Jean Grey is the only Class 5 mutant he ever encountered — her potential in practically limitless.

Her mutation is seeded in the unconscious part of her mind, posing a danger. When she was a girl, Xavier built several psychic barriers in her mind to isolate her powers from her conscious mind, and as a result, Jean developed a dual personality: the conscious Jean whose powers were always in her control, and the dormant side, a personality that came to call itself "The Phoenix," a purely instinctual creature.

Taking this in, Wolverine asks Xavier if Jean knew all this. Xavier answers that it's unclear how much she knew, but far more critical is whether the woman in front of them is the Jean Grey they know or the Phoenix, furiously struggling to be free.

Logan says she looks pretty peaceful to him, but Xavier says that's because he's keeping her that way, trying to restore the psychic blocks to cage the beast again.

Thinking this is too much, Logan angrily asks the professor what he's done to Jean — they're talking about a person's mind here. Xavier asks Wolverine to understand that Jean has to be controlled, but Logan tells him that sometimes when you cage the beast, the beast gets angry.

The professor tells Logan he has no idea what Jean is capable of, but Logan corrects him that he had no idea what the professor was capable of.

Xavier explains that he had a terrible choice to make, and he chose the lesser of two evils. Logan answers that it sounds to him like Jean had no choice at all.

Charles gives up and says he doesn't have to explain himself — least of all to Wolverine — and continues to work on Jean's mind. Angry, Logan walks out.

He later grows up to attend the University of Oxford , where he earns a Professorship in Genetics and other science fields, and goes on to live in first Oxford and then London for a number of years.

Crucially, as he enters late adolescence, Xavier inherits the mansion-house he was raised in, enabling him not only to continue to live in it, but also to turn it in to Xavier's School for Gifted Youngsters , which he begins together with the first of the X-Men.

Brian, his father, dies in an accident when Xavier is still very young, and Brian's science partner Kurt Marko comforts and then marries the grieving Sharon.

When Xavier's telepathic mutant powers emerge, he discovers Marko cares only about his mother's money. After the wedding, Kurt moves in with the Xaviers, bringing with him his son Cain.

Kurt quickly grows neglectful of Sharon, driving her to alcoholism, and abuses both Charles and Cain. Cain takes out his frustrations and insecurities on his stepbrother.

Charles uses his telepathic powers to read Cain's mind and explore the extent of his psychological damage, which only leads to Cain becoming more aggressive toward him and the young Xavier feeling Cain's pain firsthand.

Sharon dies soon after, and a fight erupts between Cain and Charles that causes some of Kurt's lab equipment to explode.

Mortally wounded, Kurt drags the two children out before dying, and admits he was partly responsible for Brian's death.

With help from his superhuman powers and natural genius, Xavier becomes an excellent student and athlete, though he gives up the latter, believing his powers give him an unfair advantage.

Due to his powers, by the time he graduates from high school, Charles loses all of his hair. He graduates with honors at the age of 16 from Bard College.

At graduate school , he meets a Scottish girl named Moira Kinross , a fellow genetics student with whom he falls in love.

The two agree to get married, but soon, Xavier is drafted into the Korean War. He carves himself a niche as a soldier in search and rescue missions alongside Shadowcat 's father, Carmen Pryde, [16] and witnesses Cain's transformation into Juggernaut when he touches a ruby with an inscription on it in an underground temple.

During the war, he receives a letter from Moira telling him that she is breaking up with him. He later discovers that Moira married her old boyfriend Joseph MacTaggert, who abuses her.

Deeply depressed when Moira broke off their engagement without explanation, Xavier began traveling around the world as an adventurer after leaving the army.

In Cairo , he meets a young girl named Ororo Munroe later known as Storm , who is a pickpocket, and the Shadow King , a powerful mutant who is posing as Egyptian crime lord Amahl Farouk.

Xavier defeats the Shadow King, barely escaping with his life. This encounter leads to Xavier's decision to devote his life to protecting humanity from evil mutants and safeguarding innocent mutants from human oppression.

Xavier visits his friend Daniel Shomron, who runs a clinic for traumatized Holocaust victims in Haifa , Israel.

There, he meets a man going by the name of Magnus who would later become Magneto , a Holocaust survivor who works as a volunteer in the clinic, and Gabrielle Haller , a woman driven into a catatonic coma by the trauma she experienced.

Xavier uses his mental powers to break her out of her catatonia and the two fall in love. Xavier and Magneto become good friends, although neither immediately reveals to the other that he is a mutant.

The two hold lengthy debates hypothesizing what will happen if humanity is faced with a new super-powered race of humans. While Xavier is optimistic, Magneto's experiences in the Holocaust lead him to believe that humanity will ultimately oppress the new race of humans as they have done with other minorities.

The two friends reveal their powers to each other when they fight Nazi Baron Wolfgang von Strucker and his Hydra agents, who kidnap Gabrielle because she knows the location of their secret cache of gold.

Magneto attempts to kill Strucker but Xavier stops him. Realizing that his and Xavier's views on mutant-human relations are incompatible, Magneto leaves with the gold.

Charles stays in Israel for some time, but he and Gabrielle separate on good terms, neither knowing that she is pregnant with his son, who grows up to become the mutant Legion.

In a strange town near the Himalayas, Xavier encounters an alien calling himself Lucifer , the advance scout for an invasion by his race, and foils his plans.

In retaliation, Lucifer drops a huge stone block on Xavier, crippling his legs. In a hospital in India, he is brought to an American nurse, Amelia Voght , who looks after him and, as she sees to his recovery, they fall in love.

When he is released from the hospital, the two moved into an apartment in Bombay together. Amelia is troubled to find Charles studying mutation, as she is a mutant and unsettled by it, though she calms when he reveals himself to be a mutant as well.

They eventually move to the United States, living on Xavier's family estate. But the night Scott Summers moves into Xavier's mansion, Amelia leaves him, believing Charles would have changed his view and that mutants should lie low.

Yet he is recruiting them to what she believes is a lost cause. Charles tries to force her to stay with his mental powers, but immediately ashamed by this, lets her go.

She later becomes a disciple of Magneto. Over the years, Charles makes a name for himself as geneticist and psychologist, apparently renowned enough that the Greys were referred to him when no other expert could help their catatonic daughter, Jean.

Xavier trains her in the use of her telekinesis , while inhibiting her telepathic abilities until she matures.

Apparently, Charles had gotten over Moira in his travels to the Greek island of Kirinos. Xavier also trains Tessa in order to spy on Sebastian Shaw.

Xavier founded Xavier's School for Gifted Youngsters, which provides a safe haven for mutants and teaches them to master their abilities.

In addition, he seeks to foster mutant-human relations by providing his superhero team, the X-Men, as an example of mutants acting in good faith, as he told FBI agent Fred Duncan.

Throughout most of his time with the team, Xavier uses his telepathic powers to keep in constant contact with his students and provides instructions and advice when needed.

In addition, he uses a special machine called Cerebro , which enhances his ability to detect mutants and to allow the team to find new students in need of the school.

Among the obstacles Xavier faces is his old friend, Magneto, who has grown into an advocate of mutant superiority since their last encounter and who believes the only solution to mutant persecution is domination over humanity.

When anthropologist Bolivar Trask resurfaces the "mutant problem", Xavier counters him in a televised debate, however, he appears arrogant and Trask sends his mutant-hunting robot Sentinels to terrorize mutants.

The X-Men dispatch them, but Trask sees the error in his ways too late as he is killed by his creations.

At one point, Xavier seemingly dies during the X-Men's battle with the sub-human Grotesk , but it is later revealed that Xavier arranged for a reformed former villain named Changeling to impersonate him while he went into hiding to plan a defense against an invasion by the extraterrestrial Z'Nox, imparting a portion of his telepathic abilities to the Changeling to complete the disguise.

When the X-Men are captured by the sentient island Krakoa , Xavier assembles a new team to rescue them, including Cyclops' and Havok's long-lost brother, Vulcan , [37] along with Darwin , Petra , and Sway.

This new team, composed of students of Dr. However, after rescuing Cyclops, McTaggert's former students were seemingly killed.

Upon Cyclops' return, Xavier removed Cyclops' memories of the death of Vulcan and his teammates; and began assembling yet another team of X-Men. After the mission, the older team of X-Men, except for Cyclops, leave the school, believing they no longer belong there, and Xavier mentors the new X-Men.

Xavier forms a psychic bond across galaxies with Princess Lilandra from the Shi'ar Empire. When they finally meet, it is love at first sight.

She implores the professor to stop her mad brother, Shi'ar Emperor D'Ken , and he instantly aids her by deploying his X-Men. When Jean Grey returns from the Savage Land to tell him that all the X-Men are dead, he shuts down the school and travels with Lilandra to her kingdom, where she is crowned Empress and he is treated like a child or a trophy husband.

Xavier senses the changes taking place in Jean Grey, and returns to Earth to help and resume leadership of the X-Men.

It hurts Xavier to be on the opposite side of Lilandra, but he has no other choice but to challenge the Shi'ar Imperial Guard to a duel over the fate of the Phoenix.

Xavier would have lost against the greater power of the Dark Phoenix, but thanks to the help Jean Grey gives him fighting her Phoenix persona , Xavier emerges victorious; she later commits suicide in order to prevent herself from endangering more innocent lives.

When the X-Men fight members of the extraterrestrial race known as the Brood , Xavier is captured by them, and implanted with a Brood egg, which places Xavier under the Brood's control.

During this time, Xavier assembles a team of younger mutants called the New Mutants , secretly intended to be prime hosts for reproduction of the aliens.

The X-Men discover this and return to free Xavier, but they are too late to prevent his body from being destroyed with a Brood Queen in its place; however, his soul remains intact.

The X-Men and Starjammers subdue this monstrous creature containing Xavier's essence, but the only way to restore him is to clone a new body using tissue samples he donated to the Starjammers and transfer his consciousness into the clone body.

This new body possesses functional legs, though the psychosomatic pain Xavier experienced after living so long as a paraplegic takes some time to subside.

Subsequently, he even joins the X-Men in the field, but later decides not to continue this practice after realizing that his place is at the school, as the teacher of the New Mutants.

After taking a teaching position at Columbia University in Uncanny X-Men , Xavier is severely injured and left for dead as the victim of a hate crime.

Callisto and her Morlocks , a group of underground-dwelling mutants, get him to safety. One of the Morlocks partially restores Xavier's health, but Callisto warns Xavier that he is not fully healed and that he must spend more time recuperating and restrain himself from exerting his full strength or powers, or his health might fail again.

Xavier hides his injuries from the others and resumes his life. Charles meets with former lover Gabrielle Haller on Muir Isle and discovers that they had a child.

The boy, David , is autistic and suffers from multiple personality disorder and has vast psionic powers like his father. After helping him and his team to escape from David's mind, Xavier promises he will always be there for him.

A reformed Magneto is arrested and put on trial. Xavier attends the trial to defend his friend. Andrea and Andreas Strucker , the children of presumed dead Baron von Strucker, crash the courtroom to attack Magneto and Xavier.

Xavier is seriously injured. Dying, he asks a shocked Magneto to look after the X-Men for him. Lilandra, who has a psychic bond with Xavier, feels that he is in great danger and heads to Earth.

There, she and Corsair take Xavier with them so Shi'ar advanced technology can heal him. Xavier leaves Magneto in charge of the school, but some of the X-Men are unwilling to forgive their former enemy.

Cyclops loses a duel for the leadership of the X-Men against Storm, then leaves them and joins the other four original X-Men to form a new team called X-Factor.

In the meantime, Charles becomes stranded in space with the Starjammers, but he is reunited with his lover Lilandra and relishes his carefree lifestyle.

He serves as a member of the Starjammers aboard the starship Starjammer , mobile in the Shi'ar Galaxy. He becomes consort to the Princess-Majestrix Lilandra while in exile, and when she later resumes her throne he takes up residence with her in the Imperial palace on the Shi'ar homeworld.

Xavier joins Lilandra in her cause to overthrow her sister Deathbird , taking on the powers of Phoenix temporarily wherein he is named Bald Phoenix by Corsair, but sees that he must return to help the X-Men.

Xavier eventually becomes imprisoned by the Skrulls during their attempted invasion of the Shi'ar Empire. Xavier breaks free from imprisonment by Warskrull Prime, and is reunited with the X-Men.

In a battle with his old foe, the Shadow King , in the " Muir Island Saga ", Xavier's spine is shattered, returning him to his former paraplegic state, while his son David is seemingly killed.

In the following months, Xavier rebuilds the mansion, which previously was rebuilt with Shi'ar technology, and restructures the X-Men into two teams.

While holding a mutant rights speech, Xavier is nearly assassinated by Stryfe in the guise of Cable , being infected with a fatal techno-organic virus.

For reasons of his own, the villain Apocalypse saves him. As a temporary side-effect, he gains full use of his legs and devotes his precious time to the youngest recruit on his team, Jubilee.

Also, he assumes control of a private institution, the Massachusetts Academy, making it a new School for Gifted Youngsters. Another group of young mutants is trained here, Generation X , with Banshee and Emma Frost as headmaster and headmistress, respectively.

Professor X is for a time the unknowing host of the evil psionic entity Onslaught , the result of a previous battle with Magneto.

In that battle, Magneto uses his powers to rip out the adamantium bonded to Wolverine's skeleton, and a furious Xavier wipes Magneto's mind, leaving him in a coma.

Onslaught wreaks havoc, destroying much of Manhattan , until many of Marvel's superheroes—including the Avengers, the Fantastic Four and the Hulk —destroy him.

Xavier questions his dream again and Magneto shortly thereafter is confronted by the X-Men. After the battle, the UN concedes Genosha to Magnus, and Wolverine is angered by Xavier stopping him from getting his revenge on Magneto.

Charles and Logan are later trapped in a dimension with different laws of physics , wherein they have to coordinate their moves together and, in the process, gain a better understanding of the other's views.

Apocalypse kidnaps the fabled "Twelve" special mutants Xavier included whose combined energies would grant him omnipotence.

After Apocalypse's defeat with the help of Skrull mutants, Xavier goes with the young Skrulls known as Cadre K to train them and free them from their oppressors, and eventually returns to aid in Legacy Virus research.

Mystique and her Brotherhood start a deadly assault on Muir Isle by releasing an altered form of the Legacy Virus, all in retaliation against the election campaign of Robert Kelly , a seeming mutant-hater.

Mystique blows up Moira MacTaggert's laboratory complex, fatally wounding her. Charles goes to the astral plane to meet with her and retrieve information on the cure to the Legacy Virus, but after gathering the information does not want to leave her alone.

If not for Jean and Cable talking him down and pulling him back, the professor would have died with his first love, who states she has no regrets.

As Beast cures the Legacy Virus, many infected Genoshan mutants recover overnight, providing Magneto, the current ruler of Genosha, with an army to start the third World War.

He demands Earth's governments accept him as their leader, and abducts and crucifies Xavier in Magda Square for all to see.

A loyal member of Magneto's Acolytes , Amelia Voght, can't stand to see her former lover punished in such a manner and sets him free.

Jean Grey and rather untrained newcomers, as most of the team are elsewhere, distract Magneto and Wolverine guts him.

Xavier is too late to intervene. Xavier's evil twin Cassandra Nova , whom Xavier attempted to kill while they were both in their mother's womb, orders a group of rogue Sentinels to destroy the independent mutant nation of Genosha.

Magneto, who is Genosha's leader, appears to die along with the vast majority of the nation's inhabitants. Nova then takes over Xavier's body.

Posing as Xavier, she reveals his mutation to the world, something he needed to do but did not want to sully his reputation over, [76] before going into space and crippling the Shi'ar Empire.

The X-Men restore Xavier, but Lilandra, believing that too much disaster has come from the Shi'ar's involvement with the X-Men, annuls her marriage to Xavier.

Lilandra previously had gone insane and tried to assassinate Charles on a trip to Mumbai. During this period, a mutant named Xorn joins the X-Men.

Xorn uses his healing power to restore Xavier's use of his legs. When the X-Men receive a distress call from a Scottish island, they are surprised to find Juggernaut with nowhere to go, as the island was destroyed by his further-mutated partner in crime, Black Tom Cassidy , who died.

Xavier reaches out to his stepbrother and offers him a place in his mansion, with Cain reluctantly accepting. The Juggernaut redeems himself over the next few weeks and joins the X-Men.

Xavier finds out that Cain's father preferred him to his own flesh and blood and that they both thought they deserved the abuse they incurred by Kurt; Cain believed this because his father loved someone else's child more than him, and Charles felt guilty about getting in the way.

That it is why neither of them stopped Kurt Marko with their powers. Now outed as a mutant, Xavier makes speeches to the public about mutant tolerance.

The purpose of the X-Corp is to watch over mutant rights and help mutants in need. As a result of being out, the school no longer hides the fact that it is a school for mutants and it opens its doors for more mutant and even human students to come in.

A student named Quentin Quire and members of his gang start a riot at the Xavier Institute during an open house at the school.

As a result, Quire and two other students are killed. Uncertain about his dream's validity, Xavier announces that he will step down as headmaster and be succeeded by Jean Grey.

Afterwards, Xorn reveals himself to be Magneto, having apparently not died in the Sentinel raid on Genosha. Magneto undoes the restoration of Xavier's ability to walk, kidnaps him, and destroys the X-Mansion killing several of the students.

The two resolve their differences and attempt to restore their friendship, leading a team of mutants, the Genoshan Excalibur, to rebuild and restore order to the destroyed island nation.

Danger flees, but not before revealing to Colossus that Xavier has known it to be sentient ever since he upgraded it. Colossus is especially offended by this because he had been held captive and experimented upon by Danger's ally, Ord of the Breakworld.

Ashamed, Xavier tries to explain to them that by the time he realized what was happening, he could see no other course. The disgusted X-Men leave.

In a prelude to House of M , Magneto's daughter Scarlet Witch suffers a mental breakdown and causes the death of several Avengers.

Magneto brings her to Xavier and asks him to use his mental powers to help her. Xavier orders a meeting of the X-Men and Avengers to decide Wanda's fate.

Quicksilver somehow forces a tearful Wanda to reveal to him her heart's desires of Magneto, the assembled New Avengers, and the X-Men, and then uses her powers to make them all real.

Thanks to Magneto, though, this re-imagined world is a place where a much more numerous mutant-kind are the dominant species, humans a disenfranchised and oppressed 'silent majority', and Magneto himself rules supreme.

In this reality, the only proof that Charles Xavier ever existed is a secret monument in Magneto's palace garden, with the engraved message "He died so Genosha could live".

After mutant Layla Miller restores the memories of some of the X-Men and Avengers, they head to Genosha where they discover that Magneto has erected a memorial garden for Xavier commemorating his death.

Emma is horrified until Cloak fades into the grave and discovers there is no body inside. After a battle, Scarlet Witch again uses her powers to restore reality and, as a slight against her father, causes a large majority mutants to lose their powers , leaving the mutant race on the brink of extinction and causing the lost powers to become an energy mass, the Collective.

With reality restored, Xavier is still missing and the X-Men are unable to detect him with Cerebro [85]. Xavier returns when Cyclops' and Havok's long-lost brother, Vulcan , [37] is revived by the Collective energy released as a result of the "House of M" incident.

Vulcan then attacks the X-Men. Xavier, now depowered but able to walk in the wake of "House of M", reveals that he had gathered and trained another team of X-Men this one composed of students of Dr.

This team included Vulcan as a member. Vulcan skirmishes with the X-Men and eventually flees into space. In spite of Cyclops' feelings, Xavier forms a new team including Havok and Darwin , the lone other survivors of Moira's students.

Darwin follows Xavier into the crystal and pulls Xavier out. This somehow restores Xavier's lost telepathy. Upon Xavier's return to Earth, as seen in the World War Hulk storyline, he begins to search for lost mutants such as Magneto.

Charles' search for more mutants is interrupted by the Hulk , who was sent into extraterrestrial exile by the Illuminati , a group of powerful superbeings to which Xavier belongs.

Xavier had no part in and did not know of the Hulk exile decision, but Xavier admits to Hulk that he would have concurred to a temporary exile so Bruce Banner could be cured of transforming into the Hulk.

However, he also tells the Hulk he would not have agreed to permanent exile. Xavier attempts to surrender to the Hulk, but after viewing the X-Mansion's large graveyard dedicated to post-M-Day mutant deaths, The Hulk concludes the mutants have suffered enough and leaves the Mansion grounds on his own accord.

While using Cerebra and talking to Beast during the Messiah Complex storyline, Charles detects a new mutant so powerful it fries Cerebra's system. He asks Cyclops to send out a team to find out about the mutant.

Once the team has come back empty handed, he argues with Scott for not telling him about the team he deployed to find former Acolytes.

Scott tells him outright that he doesn't need him to run the X-Men anymore. Charles questions Cyclops' decision to send X-Force to hunt down his own son, Cable, in front of the students.

Cyclops then tells Xavier that he is a distraction that will keep getting in the way and that he must leave the mansion. Xavier is contacted by Cable , who lost the mutant newborn to the traitorous actions of Bishop , who in turn lost the child to the Marauders , and tells him that he is the only one who can help Cable save the future.

Immediately afterward Xavier's body disappears and Cyclops declares that there are no more X-Men. Professor Xavier survives Bishop's gunshot but falls into a coma.

Exodus tries to heal Xavier, Xavier mentally fights Exodus. Exodus finally approaches Magneto, who is apparently still depowered, for help.

Magneto and Karima Shapandar are able to stir Xavier's memories and coax him out of his coma, though Xavier remains slightly confused and partly amnesiac.

Later, Exodus confronts Magneto about Joanna Cargill 's injury Magneto was forced to shoot a laser through her eyeball in order to prevent her attempted an assassination of Xavier.

Exodus nearly kills Magneto, and Xavier drags Exodus onto the Astral Plane, putting Xavier's own newly restored mind at stake.

Xavier defeats Exodus after a harrowing psionic battle, and Exodus reveals the reason he abducted Xavier and to restore his mind: Exodus wants Xavier to lead the Acolytes and find the mutant messiah child now under the guardianship of Cable in order to indoctrinate the child into their cause.

Xavier refuses. Emma Frost 's telepathy picks up on the psychic fight, and Emma informs Cyclops that Xavier is alive.

Xavier parts company with Magneto and Karima to try to regain his lost memories by visiting people from his past. The first person Charles visits is Carter Ryking, who had gone insane after losing his powers.

Charles reads Carter's memories and discovers that when the two were children they were used as test subjects by Nathan Milbury of the Black Womb Project, with the approval of Charles' father, Doctor Brian Xavier.

Xavier makes the connection Milbury and X-Men villain, Mister Sinister , who has apparently long been manipulating Charles' life in addition to other X-Men.

Afterwards, he discovers he has been targeted by assassins. But in reality, Xavier is still battling Sinister for control of his body.

Xavier explains to Cyclops about the recent events with Mr. Sinister and tries to explain to Cyclops how Sinister has been manipulating Scott's and Jean's lives since when they were children.

Xavier attempts to have Scott give him permission to scan Scott's mind for traces of Sinister's influences, but instead, Scott turns the tables on Xavier by revealing that he has secretly invited Emma Frost into their entire meeting and also into Xavier's mind.

While in his mind, Emma forces Xavier to relive each of his morally ambiguous decisions under altruistic pretenses.

As the issue continues, Charles realizes his human arrogance and that while some of his decisions were morally wrong, he must move forward with his life and deal with the consequences.

Emma ends her incursion into Xavier's mind by reminding him of Moira MacTaggert's last words. As he reflects on Moira's words, Xavier gives Cyclops his blessing to lead the X-Men and leaves to find his own path.

After a conversation about the meaning of the word "Juggernaut" and a review of Juggernaut and Xavier's shared history Xavier offers Cain an empty box as a gift.

Confused by Xavier's gift Cain attempts to kill the Professor bringing an entire sports bar down over their heads in the process. Later Cain battles the X-Men in his full Juggernaut armor and conquers the planet.

Just as everything appears to be under the Juggernaut's control Xavier reappears and informs him that everything that has just taken place except for Juggernaut destroying the bar took place in Cain's mind.

A baffled Cain demands to know how Xavier managed to overcome his psychically shielded helmet to which the Professor replies that he decided to visit Cain in his sleep.

Professor Xavier then informs him that he now understands Cain as a person and that he will not attempt to get in his way or reform him again.

But Xavier also warns Cain that if he gets in the way of the Professor's path to redemption Xavier will stop him permanently. After his bruising encounter with Cyclops and Emma Frost, Professor X is forced to revisit the biggest challenge and the biggest failure of his career, Wolverine, when the feral mutant asks for Charles' help in freeing his son from the clutches of the Hellfire Club.

As the two search for Daken, Wolverine reveals that when he first joined the X-Men he attempted to assassinate Xavier due to some unknown programming.

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Charles Xavier Meets Professor X Scene - X-Men Days of Future Past (2014) Movie Clip 4K He flies in the air and Charles Xavier moving around the metal plates covering Cerebro's walls, opening the covers and covering the openings. Logan also revealed that the real reason Xavier Mercenary Absolution him to join the X-Men was that Charles "needed a weapon". Charles Xavier was also Stream Serien Free possession of the Jon Snow Infinity Gem. Xavier answers that he is looking for hope. Xavier is perhaps best known in this regard for the creation of a device called Cerebroa technology that serves to detect and Action Goch those individuals possessing the mutant gene, at the same time greatly expanding the gifts of those with existing psionic abilities. They get to the doors, but Logan pops out of a tunnel and pops his claws in a fuse box, closing the door before they'll get caught in the flood. This Monster! They task Cyclops with assembling a team to destroy the Mother Mold station. Professor X versetzt das ganze Museum indem sich die Schulklasse befindet in Trace und nimmt die Air Force One Is Down nimmt die Drei Mutanten mit. Charles-Xavieryour host. Synonyme Konjugation Reverso Corporate. Durch Freddy Frog Stream Gespräch gestärkt, ortet Charles Raven nun am Bahnhof, um sie umzustimmen Trask nicht zu töten. Anmelden Du hast noch kein Benutzerkonto? His name is Charles Xavier. Als Magneto wieder erwacht, flieht auch er.

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Inhaltsverzeichnis [ Anzeigen ]. Diese Beispiele können лютер Wörter, die auf der Grundlage Ihrer Suchergebnis enthalten. Xavier tat dies bei seinem hirntoten Zwillingsbruder, den er mit seinen starken telepatischen Fähigkeiten bereits im Mutterleib tötete. Magneto ist von ihrer Kraft beeindruckt, während Charles sich Sorgen macht. Jean wäre sonst auch viel stärker und Charles hätte keine Chance Ghost Hunters sie. Charles Xavier Stewartwho preaches tolerance, and Magneto McKellenwho believes in the survival of the fittest, are put to the ultimate test - triggering the war Zombie Filme Stream end all wars. Liebe Macht Sexy Konjugation Reverso Corporate. Er eröffnet ihm das er Robinson Jr. Helfen könnte etwas über Eragon 2 Film Vergangenheit herauszufinden und bittet ihn darum im Anmelden Du Kate Kitchenham noch kein Benutzerkonto?

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X-Men Professor X: All Powers from the films Charles Xavier Dieser fand heraus, dass Jean für den Tod von Cyclops Walt Vor Micky war. Ich bin Charles Xavier. Nachdem die beiden ihre Information von Magento erhalten haben werden sie von einem Spezialkommando unter der Führung von Stadien Em 2019 Deathstrike festgenommen. Suchverlauf Lesezeichen. Videospiele Filme TV Wikis. Charles Xavier - Erkunde Dont look at me Darlings Pinnwand „Charles Xavier“ auf Pinterest. Weitere Ideen zu James mcavoy, Schauspieler, Filme. Übersetzung im Kontext von „Charles Xavier“ in Deutsch-Englisch von Reverso Context: Charles Xavier wurde in eine gespaltene Welt geboren. charles xavier wiki. Charles Xavier Wenig später verschindet Rogue, durch mithilfe von Mystique aus dem Institut und läuft weg. Diese verfügt über telepathische und telekinetische Kräfte. Er hat aber im Gegensatz zu Magneto telepathische Fähigkeiten. Diese sehr starken Fähigkeiten machen Die Simpsons Staffel 1 zu einem der mächtigsten und stärksten Mutanten auf der Erde. Dieses Wiki Alle Wikis. Dort angekommen lieferte er sich ein Wortgefecht mit Magneto, das im Haus nach einer Weile endete. Zudem Kinox.To Riverdale er von Hank ein Serum verabreicht, dass es ihm erlaubt zu gehen und die Stimmen von anderen Menschen nicht mehr hören zu Ragnar Lothbrock.


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